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Nature-based re/development of neighborhoods worldwide

PHYSI helps decision makers to address critical urban sustainability challenges through nature-based solutions (NBS). We support people and organizations in developing and experimenting with NBS-enhanced scenarios to regenerate their neighborhoods. Through the Urban Nature Atlas, we provide a one stop shop to learn about best NBS practices worldwide and make the most of them where you live.
Upscaling urban nature
Creative scenario visualization
Investments for biodiversity
Costs projection
Quantification of benefits
Evidence-based policy

What NBS stands for

Nature-based solutions (NBS) use the natural properties of ecosystems. They have the potential to limit impacts of climate change, enhance biodiversity and improve environmental quality while contributing to economic activities and social well-being (Naturvation).

NBS hold significant promise in responding to contemporary social, economic and environmental challenges by delivering a wide range of goods and services. Yet there is a substantial gap between this promise and their uptake, which cannot be bridged by business-as-usual approaches.
Climate change adaptation
Economic benefits
Ecological benefits
Social benefits
Health benefits

PHYSI's solutions

Decisions about nature in cities are urgent but hard. PHYSI shows the value of NBS in addressing sustainabilty challenges in cities through enabling creative processes for envisioning sustainable futures.

PHYSI services

We support decision-making about the selection, scaling and deployment of urban nature-based solutions.
Maintenance and public access to an extensive global database of urban NBS
Digital representation and assessment of the NBS potential in your context
Support for participatory NBS scenario development with impact and cost projections
Development and delivery of training, capacity building and education materials
Applied research to advance the understanding and implementation of NBS in diverse contexts