Our goal is to help cities address critical urban sustainability challenges through nature-based solutions (NBS). We support people and organizations in developing and experimenting with NBS-enhanced scenarios to regenerate their neighborhoods.


Zsofia Maura Abraham

Zsófia Maura Ábrahám

Mau is responsible for the development and infrastructure of PHYSI’s software tools.

Judit Boros

Judit Boros, PhD

Judit is a design strategist and researcher interested in the intersection of the designed and the natural world.

Attila Katona

Attila Katona

Attila is an innovation researcher, educator, and consultant focusing on urban transformation and circular economy with 10 years of global work experience.

Laszlo Pinter

László Pintér, PhD

László is the founder of Physi and a sustainability thought leader with three decades of international experience.

Junior Advisor



Lena Grobusch

Lena is a researcher working on the governance of climate change adaptation in cities.

Sara Rocha

Sara Maia

Sara is an NBS researcher and PhD candidate exploring the role of NBS in mediating the impacts of climate change on mental health.

Lilla Somosfalvi

Lilla Somosfalvi

Lilla is a junior NBS researcher and sustainability professional with a background in admin and operation management.

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We are a team dedicated to providing tools and services that maximize the sustainability value and contribution of nature-based solutions in the urban context.

Our story so far...

PHYSI Solutions Ltd., founded in 2022, is a spin-off research enterprise  built from Naturvation, a four-year Horizon 2020 research program funded  by the European Commission (2016-2021).

Naturvation focused on building a better understanding of the innovative role of nature-based solutions (NBS) in urban environments and their potential to address sustainability challenges connected to climate change.

Formed in 2017 at the Department of Environmental Science and Policy of Central European University (CEU), through Naturvation, PHYSI Solutions is a team of driven individuals who seeks to provide an evidence-based and impactful knowledge contribution to decision-making and practice of urban nature-based solutions.

Within the Naturvation project, several tools and knowledge were created to support the impact assessment of NBS, which were developed by the research group from CEU. These tools caught the attention of the NBS research community and were also welcomed by stakeholders involved in urban innovation. Realizing the demand the tools – Urban Nature Atlas and Urban Nature Explorer – could fill, the idea of a company arose, that would fill the currently existing niche in NBS integrated assessment and application research and practice. Thus, PHYSI was established.

PHYSI was taken up by CEU’s award-winning incubation hub, iLab which supported the small group of researchers making the first steps into business development.